Warning that Koi.io scam

Good afternoon, you have received this letter because we want the whole world to know and not cooperate with KOI.IO and the team that organised this scam which includes Roy Aaron, Claudia Polanco, Euglena Liu, Yuan Lee, Tao Liu, Jellu Ji, Anetta Sultygova and the advisers Vladan Falcic, Alex Man. They all involved in organisation of the Koi.io scam and many other associated projects. They involvement in material losses more than $ 500,000 from investors, and this is only a small part of who we found, I think the amounts can be estimated at tens of millions of dollars. Team ignored SAFT agreement and did not disturbed tokens to the investors as well as completely changed tokenomics without any new agreements. Currently they try to hid all the traces of old team members, tokenomics and conditions. We have all the proofs that we can send to any user upon request to SCAM.koimetaverse@protonmail.com Team try to stay anonymous and hide most members uses pseudonymous. We would be grateful if you would complain about them in social networks. You can report their website https://www.koi.io/- here https://supportcenter.godaddy.com/AbuseReport . So they will stop stealing money. https://twitter.com/KoiMetaverse https://t.me/KoiMetaverse All the communication as well as SAFT signature were organised from telegram account: @RoyABCAaa and @koikoikoi . Their LinkedIn profiles:https://www.linkedin.com/in/roy-aaron-258456226 There are many associated scam project with this team and project beneficiaries which includes https://www.cosmicfactions.io/ (confirmed information )and probably https://ruby.io/ , https://skyrim.finance/ , https://www.charged.fi/ ( information from of their previous worker)

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