Glitter Finance

Good afternoon, you have received this letter, because we want the whole world to know and not cooperate with Ilya Vladimirovich Dobrovitsky (David Dobrovitsky), now living in Portugal. He is the CEO of Glitter finance and the creator of many fraudulent projects. He stole more than $200,000 from investors, and this is only a small part of those we found, I think the amounts are estimated at tens of millions of dollars. We have all the evidence that we can send to any user upon request for Here are his contacts, we would appreciate it if you complained about him on social networks and so on. You can complain about the site – here / telegram @DeFiBuilder1 +1 860 418 9729 His company Current: Co-Founder – Amanah DeFi Past: Co-Founder – Past: Co-Founder – BTCD Ltd Past: CDO –

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